Carson Daly tonight…

Photo Credit: Kara Knowles
Photo Credit: Kara Knowles

We hope you can watch us tonight on a special episode of Last Call with Carson Daly set aside entirely for the band. Carson was gracious enough to film our show at the Glass House in Pomona a little while back, and he’ll she be showing portions of it, along with a few interviews—one of which we did a few days ago at a Mexican restaurant in Santa Monica. The whole thing starts after Jimmy Fallon on NBC, at 1:35 a.m.. If you’re up late, we hope you can check it out. It should be a good one..

9 thoughts on “Carson Daly tonight…

  1. Sweet! I was at this show! I’m going to record it since I’ll be seeing the Terminator movie at midnight, but it’ll give me something to look forward to after I get home!

  2. Wow, guys. Glad I travel a lot and my internal clock is screwed up – otherwise I’d never have seen you on Carson Daly! You have this whole Smith-y/Cure-y/90-y thing that I really respond to. Kudos on the spectacular sound!


  3. Man, that was so incredibly cool! Listening to your history being read out over various footage, it felt like an episode of “Biography” – just the idea of a show like this being put together for you guys gave me chills. So exciting. Though I think they should have used some of the footage off YouTube – the fans @ the Glasshouse that night did a much better job! For instance, we all know the band has impeccable taste in footwear, but…

  4. Wow Mikel – impressive! I was up nursing our new little one last night, turned on the TV, and what do I see but you chatting with Carson! And from the looks of it, things are going really well with your band – congrats!

  5. The two songs from the Glass House are now up on The Audio Perv. On 2nd viewing, they’re quite good. Guess I wasn’t up to the 2-second edits first time around… (my friend tells me that’s done for the late-night stoners) 🙂

  6. Really a strange group. Not sure why but the music and the voice sounds like Bowie. Oh yeah I really like the sound. I’m 45 and this sounds like the music I grew up with. I’d like to think that Bowie and the cars are impressed.

  7. I’ve been hearing this song played on the edge in Toronto and finally researched who you guys are! You are awesome. I hear sounds of U2 and bowie vocal ranges for sure. Next time you are in the GTA come up to my brewery for some pints with me!
    Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery

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