First-Ever West Coast Orchestra Performance June 1st


On June 1st, we’ll be playing a special concert with the Tulare County Symphony at the Fox Theatre in Visalia, California. For those of you wondering where the hell Visalia is, it’s about three hours north of Los Angeles and three and a half hours south of San Francisco. It’ll be our first time performing with a full orchestra on this side of the country. We’re expecting an amazing night. We hope you can join us.

Sat June 1 – Visalia, CA – Fox Theatre – PRE-SALE THURS (2/21) @10AM
(link will be live then)

Fun Visalia fact: This is pretty much where our beloved drummer Daren grew up, spending his formative years as a young knucklehead, banging on things, searching for trouble—and always seeming to find it. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can visit his family’s famous hot dog joint, Taylor Bros Hot Dog Stand on North Encina Street (since 1952).



6 thoughts on “First-Ever West Coast Orchestra Performance June 1st

  1. Right on!! Wicked shout out to Darren’s parents place. No, I’ve never been there or probably ever can. But that’s just awesome for you guys to recognize them.

  2. Just bought tickets yesterday and was not happy missed the band down south and now I’m minutes away from Tulare. Would love to know what songs will be in the set using a full orchestra. Can’t wait. Maybe an arangement of a Smith’s or Cure’s song???

  3. Andrew I will go with you, and get on stage again(remember in San Jose), that was a blast Sorry Air Toxic Crew for knocking all those shots of posion, what a waste I will buy first round guys if you let me get on stage again and rock out with you guys…..

  4. I’m heart broken that the tickets are sold out (although the website says they might release more later) . Please keep us updated if you release more!

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