NEW SHOWS ANNOUNCED: Multiple European Residencies in February, plus a special performance with the Colorado Symphony in Denver, Jan 22

Good morning,

We’re excited to announce our largest European tour ever, running through the entire month of February. It’s been far too long since we’ve toured the Continent, so beginning the first of the month, we’ll be playing simultaneous European residencies in Amsterdam, Berlin, and Paris, along with several other shows in places like London, Antwerp, Zurich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, and Cologne (Köln). Some of these cities, we’ll be visiting for the first time. Others, for the fourth or fifth time (we’re talking to you, Cologne). The last show of the tour will be in Amsterdam on February 28th. As for now, we’re putting the finishing touches on our new album, buffing and waxing, etc. See you in a few..

Photo Credit: Lizzie Roberts

For those of you who are unfamiliar with residencies, this means that we’ll be returning to the same place once a week on the same day of the week for the month of February. To clarify:

Every Monday, we’ll play in Amsterdam.
Every Tuesday, we’ll play in Berlin.
And every Friday, we’ll play in Paris.

The shows in Amsterdam and Berlin will be at the same venue each week (Paradiso and White Trash, respectively), while the Paris venues will change each week.

On Wednesdays and Thursdays, we’ll play shows in various other cities.

One of these performances will be at HMV’s NEXT BIG THING Music Festival at Heaven in London on February 10th. Details below..

 Tue Feb 1 – Berlin – White Trash – ON SALE DEC 20
 Wed Feb 2 – Antwerp – Trix Club – ON SALE DEC 21 
 Thu Feb 3 – Munster – Gleiss 22 – ON SALE DEC 20    
 Fri Feb 4 – Paris – The International – FREE SHOW
 Mon Feb 7 – Amsterdam – Paradiso – ON SALE NOW
Tue Feb 8 – Berlin – White Trash – ON SALE DEC 20    
 Wed Feb 9 – Hamburg – Uebel & Gefährlich – ON SALE DEC 20    
 Thu Feb 10 – London – Heaven  HMV – Next Big Thing – ON SALE DEC 22  
 Fri Feb 11 – Paris – La Machine (Locomotive club) – FREE SHOW    
 Mon Feb 14 – Amsterdam – Paradiso – ON SALE NOW  
 Tue Feb 15 – Berlin – White Trash – ON SALE DEC 20   
 Wed Feb 16 – Munich – Ampere – ON SALE DEC 20    
 Thu Feb 17 – Cologne – Luxor – ON SALE DEC 20   
 Fri Feb 18 – Paris – Fleche D’Or – ON SALE NOW       
 Mon Feb 21 – Amsterdam – Paradiso – ON SALE NOW
Tue Feb 22 – Berlin – White Trash – ON SALE DEC 20    
 Wed Feb 23 – Frankfurt – Das Bett – ON SALE DEC 20    
 Thu Feb 24 – Zurich – Hafenkneipe – ON SALE DEC 21
 Fri Feb 25 – Paris – Fleche D’Or – ON SALE NOW       
 Mon Feb 28 – Amsterdam – Paradiso – ON SALE NOW

Also, on January 22nd, we’ll be collaborating with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra for a very special performance at Boettcher Concert Hall in Denver. It’s a rarity for us to be able to share the stage with these world-class musicians, and we consider it an honor. We’ll be playing songs from our first record, as well as from our upcoming album. We hope you can join us.

Sat Jan 22 – Denver, CO – Boettcher Concert Hall – With The Colorado Symphony – BUY TIX

We’ll be releasing our second full-length album in the coming months. Thanks for all your lovely messages and support. We spent most of this past year writing and recording new songs. If you live in or near a city, we promise to come to where you are and play them on stages.

We miss you, we love you, we think it’s a good idea to stay in one place for New Year’s Eve instead of running around trying to come up with a perfect evening because honestly how often does that actually happen..

Daren, Noah, Anna, Mikel, and Steven
the Airborne Toxic Event

17 thoughts on “NEW SHOWS ANNOUNCED: Multiple European Residencies in February, plus a special performance with the Colorado Symphony in Denver, Jan 22

  1. I’m trying to book tickets for your gig on 18 Feb in Paris but the website for Fleche d’Or doesn’t show you playing.

    Please get back to me ASAP as I need to book flights, accommodation etc as I’m going from Manchester UK, can’t wait


  2. Hey, so this is sort of an obscure question, but is there any way you might know whether or not, some time in the future, that you would come to North Carolina. Like Greensboro per say…? haha.

    What date does your new album come out?—I am saving my money! 😉

  3. does anyone from the website read these questions?

    I’m looking to book tickets for a gig on the european tour but the links to the specific venues don’t work.

    Can you get back to me with a date when this will be fixed or a date when the tickets will be available as I want to book flights, hotels etc

    thank you

  4. OMG amsterdam!!! Thank god 😀 I was afraid you’d forget Holland! Definitely getting tickets for that! They’re on sale 25th of december, not now like it says here, but who cares 😀

  5. porfavor!,porfavor!,porfavor!,please!,please!please!,porfavor!!!!
    a concert in the Barcelona city, thanks. Y publicar vuestro nuevo album in Spain.

  6. Woow! 4 shows in Paris, I’ve never been so happy.

    Matthew, tickets were not available on a few days ago. But now, they are.

  7. Lads, you goota get over to Ireland and play Dublin. I just got your music from a friend in San Fransisco, you would do well here, you have a great sound and mroe importantly we have the best live audiences!!Hope to see you over here SOON

  8. I have a feeling the album won’t be coming out this month 🙁
    I really hope it comes out in a couple weeks though! I have waited for much too long.

  9. I whole heartedly agree wit you. I believe i’ve listened to the couple new songs from walt disney concert hall over 100 times and it only proliferates my nearly insatiable adoration of heir music. I only wish i had a date to count down till; checking thr website twice a day and scouring itunes and the internet for clues is only fruitless.

    What are you guys waiting for? your fans are ready for another poetic, beautiful, bittersweet masterpeice of unique music!

    Well at least one of them is and i promise to buy it the moment i have a chance lol

  10. Msg to James.

    Hey, I am from Scotland but 1st time I ever heard TATE was walking in to the apple store in GreensboroI I work in the UK for a company who’s HQ’s are in GSO. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting a few times – cracking place with really friendly people. Hopefully I have the chance to visit again in 2011…

    Sometime Around Midnight was on in the store and that was me hooked! Can’t wait for the tour – roll on Amsterdam 28th Feb!


  11. Hey all, since you’ve all registered here, you can also hang out on the forum! Things will start heating up soon around here, I’m sure, and we always welcome more TATE fans!


  12. Hey!
    Here’s a wish for the future: COME TO GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN ASAP!!! 😀
    Your music rocks, thank u <3
    Greetings from SWE, hope to c'ya soon! ^^,

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