NEW SONG PREMIERE: “Hell and Back”

We’re excited to announce the release of a brand-new song entitled “Hell and Back.” The song was written—as Mikel says—”in the helmet” while on a recent motorcycle trip across the Rocky Mountains from Omaha to Los Angeles.

You can be the FIRST to hear it by tuning in TOMORROW (Friday) to Philadelphia’s Radio 104.5, which will be exclusively premiering the track at 12:15 p.m. EDT. If you don’t live in the Philly area, you can stream it online RIGHT HERE.

In addition, SiriusXM’s Alt Nation will be playing “Hell and Back” throughout the rest of the day

Photo Credit: Jason Digos Jr.

9 Responses to “NEW SONG PREMIERE: “Hell and Back””

  1. will u playing this single for the first time on saturday in philly?

  2. Missed it. Where can I hear it?

  3. Please post a link….I missed it and am dying to hear it!!!!!

  4. I missed it and I really want to hear it! Will it eventually get to iTunes??

  5. they did play this for the first time in philly saturday at the piazza.. great song heard it on the radio twice now.

  6. Loved! Mind on a one way track :))

  7. So when will it be on iTunes because what you’re really saying is you owe us stateside 3 songs now along with Dublin and The Way Home.

  8. We love this song and want to know where can we buy it?

  9. Completly amazing song!!!…the lyrics relatable This song is definately a 10+++ – Hope I can download to my table ASAP!! Love Love love this song!!

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