New Tour Dates Added

Things are starting to move faster now. The streets are flying by, and the nights are burning. We’re feeling crazy again, which has become its own kind of sanity—something to count on. So we’ve added several more dates to our upcoming tour, which now involves Minneapolis, Austin, Columbus, Boston, and others (details below). This week, we’re back home in L.A.

Photo Credit: Joe Papeo

Pre-Sale for these shows starts this Wednesday, January 23rd, at 10:00 a.m. General tickets go on sale next weekend (we’ll let you know when). The links below will go live once the pre-sale begins.

Tue Apr 23 – Minneapolis, MN – First Ave – PRE-SALE WED @ 10am
Wed Apr 24 – Lawrence, KS – Liberty Hall  – PRE-SALE WED @ 10am
Thu Apr 25 – St. Louis, MO – The Pageant – PRE-SALE WED @ 10am
Sun Apr 28 – Austin, TX – Emo’s – PRE-SALE WED @ 10am
Mon Apr 29 – Houston, TX – House of Blues –  PRE-SALE WED @ 10am
Wed May 1 – St. Petersburg, FL – State Theatre – PRE-SALE WED @ 10am
Thu May 2 – Orlando, FL – The Beacham – PRE-SALE WED @ 10am
Sun May 5 – Atlanta, GA – Buckhead Theatre – PRE-SALE WED @ 10am
Mon May 6 – Carrboro/Chapel Hill, NC – Cat’s Cradle – PRE-SALE WED @ 10am
Wed May 8 – Washington, DC – 9:30 Club – PRE-SALE WED @ 10am
Fri May 10 – Boston, MA – House of Blues – PRE-SALE WED @ 10am
Tue May 14 – Toronto, ON – Danforth Music Hall – PRE-SALE WED @ 10am
Wed May 15 – Detroit, MI – Majestic Theater – PRE-SALE WED @ 10am
Thu May 16 – Columbus, OH – Newport Music Hall – PRE-SALE WED @ 10am



55 Responses to “New Tour Dates Added”

  1. Europe? Maybe at some festivals, at least?

  2. Hope see you soon in Brazil

  3. You sure know how to cure the monday blues! See you in Columbus!

  4. Boohoo….when will we see you in California??

  5. Thank you for coming to Ohio! I cannot wait to enjoy your music!

  6. i think you guys should consider playing at the observatory in Sana Ana California its a really cool venue and every one has played there so far like the hives, best coast, block party, dinosaur jr, walk the moon, and group love ! it would mean so much to me as an Airborne Toxic Event fan if you played there, i have been wanting to see you guys again for the longest time, i have seen you guys 3 times, once in Pamona in 2009 in 2011 in San Diego in 2012 in Riverside, the shows have sold out here in california i would really appreciate if you would consider this

  7. Hope you make another stop at Bunbury this summer. In the meantime I’ll see you in Columbus.

  8. Scotland again…soon please!!!

  9. And still no Pittsburgh. Come on guys. We’re dying to see you here

  10. Any chance of fitting Dallas in on April 30?

    Please hit Dallas!

  11. So pumped you guys aree coming back to Toronto!!!
    Can’t wait to see you play again!!

  12. I love that you’ve added Florida dates, but none in South Florida :( We’re going to try drive up, but it’s so difficult during the week with work and school. In the future please, please consider South Florida.

  13. Any chance of coming to England? There are some great smaller venues in East Anglia :)

  14. Gutted that I can’t see you guys 28th Feb ……. any further dates for the London planned?

  15. You might think I’m a “Strange Girl” for asking, but “All I Ever Wanted” was for you guys to add a tour date for *Richmond, VA* when your new album comes out.
    When I didn’t see y’all coming, well, I was overcome with “Numb”ness.

    But here goes nothing:
    … … I’m tossing the coin into the “Wishing Well” and trying “Something New”, a direct request.

    I could try writing “A Letter to Georgia”, but seeing as you don’t live there, a post seems like a better idea.

    Hopefully after reading this you’ll consider adding a tour date here instead of blowing this off by thinking, “a post from a fan? Pshh, ‘It Doesn’t Mean a Thing'”

    After hearing your music I began to feel like I was “Half of Something Else”.

    I know your new album comes out sometime this spring, and hey, if the weather’s nice here you may even catch “The Girls In Their Summer Dresses”

    Don’t even think about “Changing” the venue, you’ve played at The National downtown before and it was incredible!

    When I saw you weren’t returning I had to wonder, “Does This Mean You’re Moving On?”

    I began to imagine that after playing here you thought, “Richmond? Man, ‘This is Nowhere!'” (it’s not, this city is awesome)

    A weekend date would be best, that way you could even start “Sometime Around Midnight”

    If you guys came here, I’d be as ecstatic as a bride being told “Welcome to Your Wedding Day”

    Mikel, we could even sing a “Duet”! We’d light up the venue like “Gasoline”

    Just the thought of it fills my stomach with “Papillon”s

    You might be saying “Whoa, ‘Missy’, slow down! I can’t take this ‘All at Once’!”

    You might overlook this post, disregard my “Innocence” and naiveté for thinking this might work.

    Perhaps you think a single girl’s “Happiness is Overrated”, and that it’s not worth changing your tour schedule.

    But please do it! Maybe even give a shout-out saying that this performance is “All for a Woman”?

    If y’all don’t come, well “This Losing” the chance to see you is about as nice as being told “The Kids are Ready to Die”

    But come on guys, it’s just one tour date, come to “The Winning Side” of the DC/Virginia border.

    Don’t put me into an early “Grave! (Yard Near the House)”

  16. Come to Miami please!!!!

  17. Conspicuously no shows listed for the weekends of 4/13 or 4/20…fingers crossed I’ll see you at Coachella!!!


  19. Cleveland!

  20. FINALLY! ATLANTA! And tickets go on sale on my birthday? This is the best birthday ever. Love you guys.

  21. Come to New Orleans!!!

  22. What Lori and Simon said…
    Please come to Dallas!

  23. Boston, here i come!

  24. It would seem there’s still no tour date for the great city of Philadelphia…which makes me so very sad because it’s been too long since I did the Philly hiss.

  25. no montreal yet there’s dates after boston and before toronto.please i’ve seen you on every tour so far

  26. Dallas please.

  27. I agree with Ben: come to montreal again!

  28. Dallas Dallas Dallas…:)

  29. Agree, Montréal need to be on your tour cant wait to see you again

  30. These on-sale times are Pacific, I assume? Is that right?

  31. St. Louis!!!! Seeing this post made for the best Monday ever. Looking forward to seeing you once again!

  32. How do you have a tour without Philly?!

  33. Richmond VA or Charlottesville VA on May 7th! Please!!

  34. So pumped to see you coming to Columbus! We. saw you last summer @ Bunbury and loved your show!!

  35. I would love to see you come to Milwaukee!!!

    Summerfest maybe?

  36. You should go somewhere in Pennsylvania! There’s a great venue called Mr. Smalls (around Pittsburgh) that a lot of great bands go to.

  37. I don’t always squeal with glee, like a giddy school girl….but when i do it’s because TATE is coming to Houston TX.

    Thank you good folks, me and mine wi’ll be screaming and dancing hard as we can.

  38. I’m reeady for the second time that you guys sell out in Atlanta! I’m definitely hitting this presale.

  39. Is this Eastern time or Pacific?

  40. Milwaukee at Summerfest would be awesome. World’s Largest Music Festival and it won’t be the same without you here!

  41. Did Boston Sell out already? :(

  42. Can we hang out backstage and meet you guys in Austin at emos
    We are 9 huge fans know all the songs and been to a couple shows

  43. 1230pm nothing for boston?

  44. Chicago? You are coming to Chicago, right? RIGHT?!?!?! And who wouldn’t want to see you at the awesomeness that is Summerfest?

  45. Been trying since 10am and nothing for Boston

  46. April 30th is open and perfect for New orleans, please schedule! We would love to have you back.

  47. Milwaukee misses you!!! Please come back!!!

  48. I’ve also been trying to get tickets for Boston since 10 AM today and no luck :(

    This will be my fourth TATE show, yay! You guys killed it last time at the HOB.

  49. Please come back to Dallas! Or Weekend 1 of ACL Festival would be great too!

  50. Trying to access tickets to DC show, but not showing available in the store. Is the show already sold out? Would also love a Philly show!

  51. I’ve been trying to purchase the tickets for the Detroit show since Wednesday about noon, and I am also getting the message “Sorry, the requested product is not available” even though its not listed as sold out. I’ve been out of town on their last two visits to Detroit so I was so excited to see I could finally see them. Any chance this will get resolved before tickets are made available to the general public?

  52. Thank you SO MUCH for coming to Houston! We absolutely can’t wait!!

  53. No Philadelphia? :(

  54. Any chance of adding some more dates and cities, like Albuquerque, NM???

  55. COME TO BRAZIL!!! Pretty please?

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