NEWS: iTunes #1 Alternative Song of the Year

iTunes has named “Sometime Around Midnight” the #1 Alternative Song Of the Year on their Best of 2008 list.

9 Responses to “NEWS: iTunes #1 Alternative Song of the Year”

  1. Not in the UK they did’nt…… I cant get it on UK iTunes…. Come on, sort it out….. We love you over here too….

  2. Well deserved! That song captured me from the first listen and hasn’t lost its power. Also … saw you live for the first time last night in Boston … It was clear that you were excited to play and that you not only wanted the audience to have a good time, the band was having a good time, too. Loved your energy and enthusiasm.

  3. hell yea!!! you guys deserve it!!!!

  4. Congrats guys! Well deserved. I love that single.

  5. Definitley deserving! I have a feeling we will be hearing that song well into the future, it’s phenominal. Beautiful and brooding.

  6. Congratulations! Though I have to say I’m not surprised. It is still my favorite ATE song. Glad to see so many other people think so too.

  7. Very cool…..

    Curious if you get a Apple trophy or anything.

  8. Brilliant song especially live. Loved the show in NYC

  9. They are an exciting and innovative new band with an awesome sound and great stage presence. The new big thing maybe ? Stadiums for them now, that’s for sure, and that’s the upside. But no more £6 admission tickets or beers with the band after the show.That is for sure and that’s the downside!

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