Noah takes a break… Ashley steps in

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Whaaaat?! With the exception of four songs in Seattle (during which Noah was stuck in a cab), the five of us have played every single Airborne show together… But things happenβ€”and by “things,” we mean babies.

So congrats are in order to our wayward bassist, who will soon be welcoming a new tiny person into his family. Does he know what he’s in for? Who knows. But to prepare for this inevitable upheaval in his up-until-now music- and motorcycle-based existence, Noah will be taking some time off to tend to his homestead and grapple with the sleep-deprived joys of young fatherhood.

In his temporary absence, we’ve asked our old friend and all-around badass Ashley Dzerigian to fill in and do what she does best. She’s a ridiculously talented bassist, and we couldn’t be happier to have her onstage with us.

14 thoughts on “Noah takes a break… Ashley steps in

  1. Devastated and elated all at once! Couldn’t be happier for Noah and his wife (we in the fandom knew this was coming…he likes waaaay too many baby pictures!) We wish them every happiness but want him to know he will be missed. Congratulations, Noah and Jessica! It’s a wild ride…see you down the road;)

    Welcome, Ashley! Look forward to seeing you at the next concert in Colorado!

  2. That’s great news for Noah and family. Mazel Tov!!!

    Wish you the best!!! Looking forward to seeing Ashley blow us away here in England!!! The sooner the better!!!

  3. Big congratulations to Noah and his partner. I hope that he will be back with the band in the future but what a fantastic reason to be taking a break. Good luck Ashley in taking up where he leaves off, exciting times for TATE. x

  4. BUT NOAH! Seriously, though. Congratulations and I hope for a speedy “recovery.” We need you guys back in Boston–together.

  5. Holy Cow Noah! I had no idea you were expecting! Congrats to you and the missy πŸ™‚ parenthood is one of the craziest joyful experiences ever…enjoy the ride πŸ™‚

  6. Always a sweet thing to welcome a new person into the world, with automatic entry into TATE fandom! Also, warm welcome to Ashely — an Armenian, no less!

  7. Such exciting news for Noah and his family! πŸ™‚ Congratulations!!! Really really hoping he will still be at the concert in Vancouver BC on January 25th!? If not it will be nice to see Ashley there. πŸ™‚
    You are all incredible and insanely talented and we are so lucky that you share your music with us! Thank you all so much!

  8. I’m so pleased for you Noah and Jessica πŸ™‚ Of course we will miss you (don’t be away for tooooooo long) . Welcome Ashley!

  9. Keep in mind everyone, whoever substitutes for Noah, has a whole bunch of music to memorize. Ashley is up for that challenge. She can handle the huge demand. It’s what makes her awesome.

  10. Ashley was great last night! I was disappointed not to see and hear Noah there but excited for him and really glad he is prioritizing his family right now. πŸ™‚ Congratulations to him and thank you to all of you for an incredible show last night! So kind of you to play Book of Love for my sister and her fiance who will be dancing to it at their wedding in three weeks, we were seriously blown away by that πŸ™‚ Really fun night, thank you so much!!!

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