Opener Announced: Nightmare Air

We’re very excited to announce that our good friends from L.A. Nightmare Air will be supporting us on our pre-Coachella dates (with Kodaline to open post-Coachella). They make beautiful, haunting music, while actually melting faces.. So we hope you can come early to check them out. Here’s their video for “Escape.”


4 Responses to “Opener Announced: Nightmare Air”

  1. awesome band, so much fun

  2. Nightmare Air rocked NH tonight, they leave for San Diego tomorrow to join ATE tour, enjoy!

  3. Do Not Overlook This Band They Rocked Boulder & Denver
    And I Think Im In Love With swan

  4. I had the pleasure of seeing Nightmare Air live at the Ogden. Many people were very rude and made bad comments, I felt terrible for the band. They rocked and can play and wail like nobody’s business. You guys are WAY to good to not be famous. Wish I had stayed and gotten autographs. Hats off to another kick ass band! Yeah!!

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