Our new album’s now on Spotify. You’ll also be able to hear insightful, mildly amusing track-by-track commentary, courtesy of Mikel and Noah.

Such Hot Blood -The Airborne Toxic Event

8 Responses to “SUCH HOT BLOOD on Spotify”

  1. This is great, rather amazing in fact. It’s cool to have so much insight into the album.

  2. Great new album…so inspired I ordered all of your albums! Thanks for setting up a Pittburgh tour date…so EXCITED!!! I will be there! :)

  3. spotify in holland doesn’t have the new album of airborne. WHY…WHY…WHY…???

  4. Such Hot Blood is definitely NOT available on Spotify in the UK but it is on Grooveshark.

    Really irritating!

  5. Not available in Norway, not on Spotify and not in iTunes. Why???

  6. Not available on Spotify or iTunes… :-/

    Good thing that good old Pirate Bay still delivers.

    Please guys… make your album available for legal download. I really wanna pay for my album. You deserve it!

  7. The album is still not available on Spotify in the Netherlands. Is it an US release only??? I hope not!

  8. Why is the album still not on spotify?! Been waiting for three months now. So much for globalism.

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