SUCH HOT BLOOD U.K./European Release, plus VINYL…

We’re extremely excited to announce both the U.K./European release of Such Hot Blood, and the limited-release vinyl edition of our third studio album—both of which include two bonus tracks: “Dublin” and “The Way Home,” not included on the original release.


We also want to thank you for waiting. When we first came to the U.K., we had a self-released, self-produced record. After three years on a label, it was clear they didn’t have our best interests in mind. We felt the major label system in the U.K. was outdated and archaic, and we bought our rights back from Mercury so that we could release our new album independently. The resulting legal hassle stalled the record release, but now, we’re overjoyed to be releasing our new album in the U.K. and Europe at last..

Such Hot Blood (plus bonus tracks) will be released in mainland Europe onSeptember 13th, and in the U.K. on September 30th. You can pre-order now onAmazon here:
* Germany (for all other countries, check your local Amazon site)
* Available for pre-order on iTunes beginning August 2nd

Aaaand… for you record lovers, we’ve put together a very special limited-edition180-Gram Vinyl of Such Hot Blood (pictured above), which includes a bonus 7-inch (containing the additional tracks “Dublin” and “The Way Home”). It’s something we’ve been wanting to do for a while, so this is a big moment for us… You can pre-order HERE, and the vinyl will ship during the last week of September. (Note: there’s only one shipping fee, regardless of how many items you purchase on our online store.)

6 thoughts on “SUCH HOT BLOOD U.K./European Release, plus VINYL…

  1. So I wasw at the KoKo show and couldn’t wait for a UK release of the album after you played ‘The Storm’. So I had a good friend in San Francisco D:L the album for me, burn it and post it. I’ve been waiting a LONG time for this. I can’t wait to rock the bush for my 5th time too. Bring on ‘The Fall’…. 🙂

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