The Secret EP – OUT NOW!











The Secret EP is now available.  It includes “Timeless” and three other songs from our upcoming record. Don’t worry about paying extra for the album when it’s released . iTunes will just charge the difference to complete the album.


The Secret EP
1. The Secret
2. Timeless
3. The Storm
4. Safe

23 Responses to “The Secret EP – OUT NOW!”

  1. Still not available outside the US? sigh.

  2. And what about the rest of the world?

  3. I was soo waiting for this to be released and now I can’t get it because I live in germany.
    That’s not fair! *sigh* :(

  4. […] the band released an EP of four songs that will be on the album. Releasing “The Secret” is an interesting move that will most likely pay off. What they are doing is giving the hungry fans […]

  5. I’ve been waiting and waiting for today. Love these songs! Thank you!

  6. Why cant i get this in England??????

  7. Good stuff guys! Got my Airborne fix just now. Any news on a pre-order for the CD? Also, will the bombastic versions be on it?

  8. Whilst your European fans, fresh from a triumphant Koko, still wait for a Europe release

    Even Timeless is no longer available on iTunes, driving me to download it, and “Safe” using a video screendump.

    For heaven’s sake, for how much longer must UK fans be treated as second rate by the merch store and availability of downloads?

  9. And it’s great!! When Can I do a pre order for the CD??

  10. Well, I listened on the way home last night, but I was distracted. On the way in today I gave it a loud, loud play and I’m enthralled. Love The Secret, love Safe and The Storm took me so much by surprise that I replayed it again while sitting parked in the garage. I can’t pick a favorite. May 10th, yay!

  11. I’m so frustrated at no European releases. Is it a record label problem?? Its annoying a lot of people.

  12. Why ist it just für us customers. I couldn’t wait for 11.03., until getting this absolutly bombastic songs as mp3. And now ?? Desperatly waiting for the whole album as all the other german fans…..

  13. Thank goodness!,,

    Awesome to hear the new songs .

    Look forward to the album!

  14. Can’t get it in Europe legally …. And record companies wonder why they are losing so much from unofficial downloads …. Thought TATE would of ensured all fans were looked after …

  15. So frustrating that I can’t get this in England, I love you guys and not being able to enjoy your music is just infurtiating

  16. Israel wants you !!! Can’t wait, but you guy are so worth it!

  17. I really wish we could get this in Australia as well.

  18. Please let me buy this from Amazon UK! I have waited patiently but am getting fed up now.

  19. Electric! I think The Secret is giving my ears an orgasm. Pun intended!

  20. LOVE IT Can’t wait for the rest of the music! Hope to see you at a concert in my area.

  21. I don’t use iTunes. If I download the EP from Amazon, I have to pay again for the same songs when the full album is released? That stinks! I guess I’ll have to wait. :(

  22. When is new album released in uk. Btw carnt wait fr you to tour uk again

  23. Hi Mikel,

    I am so excited to see you and the band for the second time this Wednesday May 15th at the Majestic in Detroit MI. I listen to your music everyday and cant get enough of it. I love all your music, especially the new stuff. You guys are great!!!

    Your biggest fan,

    Angel Peavler

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