“The Storm” Bombastic Acoustic Video Premiere

We’re proud to present a brand-new acoustic video for our song, “The Storm,” off of Such Hot Blood, as part of our ongoing one-take Bombastic series:

(dir. Jon Danovic)

9 Responses to ““The Storm” Bombastic Acoustic Video Premiere”

  1. Hot damn that was good!

  2. it’s just so pretty. thanks guys for always making the bombastic videos. always nice to have a little something extra from you. hope to see more soon.

  3. Yeah, the new Bombastic Video is excellent – thank you guys and continue to rock!

  4. This song pulls an aching yearning pleasure in you all at once.
    I love when Noah uses the bow on his upright. Can’t wait to hear this live.

  5. Would be great to hear your songs in Germany, too. Too bad, there is a restriction. :-(

  6. Soooo excited you guys are producing more music! We want more, more, MORE! This was fantastic! xoxo

  7. I would love to have all of the Bombastic videos in audio form (from the first one until the last made for this album). They are so unique, and the different arrangements give the lyrics another level of depth. I feel like I hear the emotion and stories in Mikel’s voice on the album and then these videos go even further. I would def buy em.

  8. Hey Adam – I love these too. I have them in either WAV or mp3. If you want, I could send them to you. Let me know…

  9. Hey Brian! I would love that! my email is travis.bartlett92@yahoo.com

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