“Timeless,” the New Single from our Third Album, “Such Hot Blood”


This is only the third time we’ve ever done this, and yes we spent most of last year preparing for this very moment. Deep breath.. Okay. We are deeply excited to announce that our new album, titled Such Hot Blood, will be out this coming spring. The new single from the record is called “Timeless,” and will be available on iTunes beginning Tuesday, January 22nd. You can hear it later today when we debut it on Sirius Alt Nation at 7pm EST/4pm PST. Yes, this is only a beginning of things. We will be making many more announcements, including additional tour dates next week. Watch the signs. In the meantime, New York, let’s do this.

41 thoughts on ““Timeless,” the New Single from our Third Album, “Such Hot Blood”

  1. THANK YOU, My birhday is next week so ecstatic to discover new single will be released then and is rather appropriately called Timeless. Look forward to hearing it.
    Please, please make my day better still by announcing a gig in Edinburgh at the Usher Hall. This beautiful venue is meant for your wonderful music, check it out xxx

  2. PLEASE come to Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Columbus, Lexington, or Louisville. Or heck just come to all, I can help fill each show with more than a few fans. Congrats on the new record!!!

  3. Please come back to Clifton Park, NY or Burlington, VT, hell I’d even take Montreal, Quebec. I want see you guys live again so bad!!

  4. Please come to Fort Collins again! You guys were amazing! I have been looking regularly to see if you are coming back. We loved you guys and would love the opportunity to see you again! You are amazing. That is all.

  5. Awesome single!

    I hope the new tour dates will include something in the Atlanta area. I’m sure the new album will be like all of the others for me, no track skipping whatsoever. This is a very rare quality in albums these days. Keep up the great work!

  6. Very disappointing that you are not playing in Montreal in May, I see you twice in Montreal for your 2 albums and was hoping to see you again for the new album coming out this spring..

  7. Please come back to Indianapoilis! There is NOTHING to do in this town besides love music, and I would be honored to see you guys live instead of just listening to your albums (non-stop)! Love the vinyl set!!

  8. Timeless…I am amazed yet again. Very sorry that such pain was necessary to bring out such heartfelt emotion, but that is often how things go. Better even than the version at Red Rocks with Colorado Symphony; just Airborne, doing what you do best. Looking forward to April 3rd and 4th in Boulder and Denver, to hear it and all the others live again. Take care!

  9. I’m super excited to see your’e touring close by, Austin here we come 😀 After that last show in Dallas, I can understand choosing not to perform here this go round…. Me and my daughter LOVE your’e music and live performance!!

  10. I wish they would release an accoustic album, with … everything theyve ever done on it. i like all their stuff but i have a love for their live accoustics.

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