“True Love” Bombastic Video

We premiered our brand-new acoustic video for our song “True Love” this week, as part of our ongoing one-take Bombastic series:

dir. Jon Danovic

5 Responses to ““True Love” Bombastic Video”

  1. oh Mikel, i love when you’re amused. such a cute smile. anywhoot, this song totally gets stuck in my daughter’s head. and then she yells out “Anna!” whenever she sees her. LOOVE it. thanks for the bombastic videos.

  2. Bride & Groom next for a bombastic video? Please, pretty please?

  3. I agree with Brian, I can’t get enough of that song

  4. Anna’s violin (using the bow) sounds great in this version! I like how she was drawing out those notes.

  5. Jeeze I cant wait to see you guys live this is amazing!

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