U.K./European Tour Starts TOMORROW

Eleven hours and 12 drinks later, we’re officially on British soil, and despite being at Heathrow, we’re immediately reminded of how much we’ve missed this place (the U.K., not Heathrow). At the moment, we’re either jetlagged or delirious or a bit of both. Either way, we’re so glad to be back—even if we do have to hit the road immediately and find a Roadchef somewhere for lunch…

Photo Credit: Pete Troshak

Birmingham, we’ll see you tomorrow night (followed by ManchesterLondon,GlasgowLeeds, etc.) In the E.U., we’ll be in Dublin, all over GermanyHolland, and Belgium. For tickets, click HERE.

3 Responses to “U.K./European Tour Starts TOMORROW”

  1. I know where that picture is from… :)

  2. I was there at it was amazing. Heading home feeling a bit deaf. Sweet!

  3. Please come back to the UK!
    Missed you the last time round :(

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