Corona Capital Festival – Mexico City, MX

The Airborne Toxic Event will be performing at Corona Capital Music festival in Mexico City on Saturday, October 13.

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  1. Thanks! =D I love you guys for coming! I’ll be waiting. I’ll be the guy with the sign: “@ZombieCereal loves you! Thanks for coming, you’re awesome!”

  2. Thanks for coming =D !!!!! welcome to Mexico,! But they could visit Guadalajara, please consider our city … you’re awesome!!

  3. I’m his fan for 4 years, I love his music, the sounds that make me charm that makes Festival will come to all to travel up there, but I would love that were also in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. regards

  4. Los Toxicos in Mexico, east LA is so much like MEX, You will have a great time and the fans too. Best band in the festival.

  5. Wow! What I wouldn’t do to attend this! The line-up is amazing!

  6. MIKELL JOLLETT HIGH FIVE! Totally wort it to travel from Monterrey to capital just to see you guys! Now we wait 7 months as you said,
    Come back to México, you saw how cool your mex-fans are we, didn’t you!? Thanks, I mean, you were the best on my humble opinion!

    And I screamed a lot for Wishing well, wich is my fav’ song, but, nevermind, you guys rock!

  7. Hey Guys-

    Been waiting for new stuff and will isten when album comes out, I am disappointed that the new album is not being introdcued as a Bombastic Series as you did with your initial ones. I loves you guys acoustically so much more than plugged in – I hope you will consider doing some more bombastic videos. Stay cool and good luck with the new album.

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