Osheaga Music & Arts Festival

The Airborne Toxic Event will be performing at the Osheaga Music & Arts Festival
on Saturday, August 5.

8 Responses to “Osheaga Music & Arts Festival”

  1. Very cool!

  2. August 5 is a Sunday? Just wondering which it actually is? Yay, close to home!

  3. i’ll be there

  4. Wasn’t sure if i would get ticket for osheaga but with you guys in the event I just can’t miss that :)

  5. Is it Saturday, August 4th or Sunday, August 5th?

  6. Will you be playing Saturday Aug 4 or Sunday Aug 5?

  7. UNREAL. I’m gonna spend about $800 just to get there alone, but I am NOT going to miss you guys play here. Just decided I’m going once I saw this. So So SO Stoked!

  8. Ecstatic at the idea of seeing you guys live again. Thanks for stopping by in Montreal for Osheaga. You ensured that I’ll be going in to work on Monday, August 6th, with no voice and a beatific smile on my face.

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