“Half of Something Else” – The Bombastic (Week 10)

“The Bombastic” is a weekly series of one-shot, one-take acoustic performances by the Airborne Toxic Event, featuring each song from the band’s new album “All At Once” (available April 26). Week 10, “Half of Something Else,” was filmed at the carousel on the Santa Monica Pier and features the Calder Quartet. Directed by Jon Danovic.

13 thoughts on ““Half of Something Else” – The Bombastic (Week 10)

  1. Every week I think, “this one might be my favorite…” and then another new song/video is shared…and the lyrics send me to a place of wonder…and the music puts me in a place of awe and dance…and I purely enjoy the genius of it all. Thank you, I am ever grateful of this happy place! 🙂

  2. Incredible. I am so happy that a talented group of individuals has opted to go the simple route, no over produced sounds to ruin the music. Thank you for sharing the music.

  3. I Just Love This Song Its Amazing <3 🙂 !!!
    I love you guys, your the best group for bringing such an inspiration to everyone.

  4. I have chills. You have truly created something magical here. Any chance of releasing the audio for the Bombastic recordings for download? I could leave this track on repeat all day and never grow tired of it.

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song!!! I agree everytime I think I have found a favorite you add something new that I LOVE all over again!! Keep them coming!! We love you in DENVER,CO!!

  6. There is something so special about this recording…I think a lot of it is seeing how moved Mikel is by the music throughout the song. I’ve been to 2 of your concerts now and have been blown away each time by the extreme talent you all possess. I was able to sneak backstage and get autographs from everyone except for Mikel, who left before we got there…I can’t wait to see you perform again and (hopefully) get that final autograph! Thank you so much for the music you’ve given to us, your songs are definitely the most played of everything on my itunes :] <3

  7. This is my favorite version oh ‘Half of Something Else’. It’s just ‘here it is’ and the instrumental is perfect as is.

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