“Numb” – The Bombastic (Week 9)

“The Bombastic” is a weekly series of one-shot, one-take acoustic performances by the Airborne Toxic Event, featuring each song from the band’s new album “All At Once” (available April 26). Week 9, “Numb” was shot on an MTA bus in Los Angeles. Directed by Jon Danovic.

4 thoughts on ““Numb” – The Bombastic (Week 9)

  1. AWESOME!! tinges of sometime around midnight! please please do this acoustically at your gig in Camden UK on Friday

  2. Sounds much nicer acoustically. It sent a chill down my spine. It tone goes well with the lyrics. Its has something haunting about it. Everyone has such a serious face so when Mikel finishes his first verse and does a little smile it was almost menacing a Mona Lisa smile.

  3. It seems like a great opportunity to use tempo changes and let Daren go Bullet the Blue Sky in concert with this song’s lyrics. Like…

    “The restless beat of the sleepless night to come
    I just want to be numb”

    just let the kick drum bombard us…drop the fuzz for a moment and let those beautiful lyrics beat the holy sht out of our head…

    back to my mom’s basement, thanks

  4. I love these Bombastic videos!! I really want to share them, but the Share This button to Facebook doesn’t seem to work correctly.

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