“The Graveyard Near the House” – The Bombastic (Week 11)

“The Bombastic” is a weekly series of one-shot, one-take acoustic performances by the Airborne Toxic Event, featuring each song from the band’s new album “All At Once” (available April 26). Week 11, “The Graveyard Near the House,” was shot on a rainy day in Silver Lake. Directed by Jon Danovic.

6 thoughts on ““The Graveyard Near the House” – The Bombastic (Week 11)

  1. this is a song that made my eyes water, particularly at the end when she wants him to promise that he will be with her when she gets old. Not too may singer/songwriters today can paint such vivid pictures of the universal truths that most of us experience. As someone who has been deeply in love with the same woman for 30 years can attest, this song moved me to tears and after I heard it, I hugged my wife and told her how much I love her and always will. See you in Ft. Lauderdale

    NC Jeff

  2. i always wonder if these guys know how truly great they are.
    so much better then the same old 3 chord bands. i also love the cover of
    the book of love

    keep making great music

  3. My favorite song off the album. I tear up every time I hear it. All of their songs have so much meaning, but this one just touches my heart in such a special way. Been to two live shows & hope to go to more. Love u guys & keep rocking!

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