“It Doesn’t Mean a Thing” – The Bombastic (Week 4)

The Bombastic” is a weekly series of one-shot, one-take acoustic performances by the Airborne Toxic Event. It will feature every song from the band’s new album “All At Once” (available April 26).

Week 4, “It Doesn’t Mean a Thing,” features a cat in a rocking chair.

2 Responses to ““It Doesn’t Mean a Thing” – The Bombastic (Week 4)”

  1. love this song, saw them at Bonzi in Rochester. by far the best band out of the festival.

  2. Relatively new fan…love this band. Saw them in Aspen, best concert I have ever been to, which is saying something. They need to put out an acoustic album <3. Will be in Vegas in July. Sooo excited!

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