New Album SUCH HOT BLOOD Out Today

After two dizzying years of touring, writing, and recording since our last album, and something like 800 shows since we played our very first in L.A.’s Echo Park, we’re incredibly excited and proud to be releasing our third studio album: Such Hot Blood. It means so much to us, and so do you. Thank you.


Such Hot Blood -The Airborne Toxic Event

For those of you who have already bought our Timeless EP on iTunes, you can “complete the album” and get the entirety of the new record for just $3.73 by clicking HERE.

Such Hot Blood is available NOW on iTunesAmazon, and most other places.

19 thoughts on “New Album SUCH HOT BLOOD Out Today

  1. I love it!!! I can’t stop listening to Elizabeth and The Fifth Day! It would be incredible if you would play Bride & Groom or Elizabeth at the show in Atlanta! I can’t wait!!!

  2. StOKED about the album, but is anyone else having trouble with the download? I bought the EP and now bought the rest of the album but iTunes shows them as separate albums, so I can’t listen to it in order as one album. I have the songs, but I just like to listen in order to get a feel for the whole thing, you know?

  3. Scott, I just went into the info page for each song on the EP and changed the album title to “Such Hot Blood” and changed the track numbers and total tracks to match the album. That worked for me. The only down side is that it uses the EP cover rather than the Such Hot Blood cover.

  4. WOW!! TATE just keeps getting better & better!! From top to bottom, I would rank Airborne’s first three albums at the top of ANY list! Not a bad song in the mix!! Kudos – can’t WAIT to see you in Indy!!!

  5. Would be nice if we could have a brief message about when/why the album will be released to everyone else – we haven’t even had the EP in the UK 🙁 I don’t want to wait until July (whilst the US already has it) if Amazon’s right 🙁

  6. I don’t wanna be THAT guy but different release dates in our globalized world is just a bad idea. You are begging people to pirate your music. I know it’s probably not your fault but the fault of your label/publisher. Well anyway while I still wanting the to BUY the album right now here in Germany I guess I have to be patient and listen to streams all over the internet for the time being.

  7. Got to echo the comments about European release, if it is a July release, I’ll be gutted. No idea why they would choose to exclude a European fan base…

  8. ATE guys need to sort this out with your manager ASAP !! Album supposed to be released on Amazon in UK on 30/04/2013 – I pre ordered and received an email today saying wont be avaliable until 12/07/2013 !!! Not avaliable on UK Itunes however avaliable on USA Itunes but we cant access … If I buy it online via the ATE website will cost me more as will have to pay import duty and UK Delivery … Why is this so – surely a worldwide release would be better for you guys in terms of the fans and the cash ..?? You saw how many fan were at your recent camden concert dont we deserve better and to have great new release music when those in USA do ..?? Cmon guys you really need this sorted & have serious word with your distribution manager because this is not acceptable …. Very unhappy ATE fan was really looking forward to receiving and hearing the new album in full after the concert songs and greys anatomy ‘highlight’ ….

  9. Love the new album! Absolutely amazing! My question is when will it be available for streaming on Spotify?

  10. i’m glad ive ordered the album online, and received it today in Belgium. And wow i can’t stop listening to it. I love it!!! But as all the others from outside the US, I was gutted to be excluded from the release of the EP. And hopefully there will be a European tour this year. Keep it up

  11. Yep, it’s a shame we’ve not had a message as to what is happening re Europe – before the London gig we were told TATE hadn’t given up on us, “Quite the contrary”. So we’re itching to hear if you have found a deal over here, when Such Hot Blood will be available in the UK and if and when you will be back to play live (listening to All I ever wanted a lot just now so picturing this with an orchestra, well we can dream!). I agree that the different release dates will push people towards pirated copies. In the meanwhile is listing it as available for £8.49

  12. Just had an email from that Such Hot Blood won’t now be released till Sep 17th! What’s going on with the European release schedule? Don’t recall this happening with the first two albums

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