New single “CHANGING” OUT TODAY in North America, European Tour starts TONIGHT in Berlin…

Guten tag, Hallo, Prost!

The view from the bus is that of green fields and windmills, the occasional farmhouse dotting the landscape as we drive to Berlin. Halfway across the world, our first single from our second record comes out today. It’s oddly important and dreamlike. Simultaneously present in our minds and light years away.

And it’s one of those moments where you’ve spent all this time making something, and then you get to finally show it to other people. It’s one of the things we love about making music—the shared experience, everyone in a room together, dancing, sweating.. For now, here’s our new song. Finally, available on iTunes.

You can get “Changing” HERE.

For this first week only, if you purchase “Changing” on iTunes, you can also get the new studio version of our song “This Losing” (which will not be on All at Once) for free. Simply email us the receipt to and we will send you the mp3. We think of it as a classic, old-school B side to the A side single.

(For now, the single will only be available in North America. We’ll have a different one coming out in the U.K. in a bit. It’s confusing, we know, but we’ll have more info on that soon..)

“Changing” is the first U.S. single off our new album All at Once which will be released on April 26th. The song probably has some thematic ties to the record as a whole, but the truth is the song is just a f–king jam. Stand in a room with a guitar and your amp up loud and wail. You know what we mean.

We’ll see you in that room somewhere soon.

Tonight and the rest of the month:

Meanwhile, we’ve just arrived here in Berlin strapped to this rocket ship called tour. European tour, to be exact. We were last here about a year and a half ago, playing one of our favorite shows from our 2009 tour. The rest of the month we’ll be back and forth between Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris. Also, Antwerp, Münster, Hamburg, London, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, and Zurich. We’ll be playing songs from both our first record and our upcoming album.

We expect mayhem.

To clarify about the tour…

Three residencies:
Mondays in Amsterdam
Tuesdays in Berlin
Fridays in Paris

The shows in Amsterdam and Berlin will be at the same venue each week (Paradiso and White Trash, respectively), while the Paris venues will change each week.

On Wednesdays and Thursdays, we’ll play shows in other cities and countries.

One of these performances will be at HMV’s NEXT BIG THING Music Festival at Heaven in London on February 10th. Details below..

 Tue Feb 1 – Berlin – White Trash – BUY TIX
 Wed Feb 2 – Antwerp – Trix Club – BUY TIX 
 Thu Feb 3 – Munster – Gleiss 22 – BUY TIX    
 Fri Feb 4 – Paris – The International – FREE SHOW
 Mon Feb 7 – Amsterdam – Paradiso – BUY TIX
Tue Feb 8 – Berlin – White Trash – BUY TIX    
 Wed Feb 9 – Hamburg – Uebel & Gefährlich – BUY TIX    
 Thu Feb 10 – London – Heaven  HMV – Next Big Thing – BUY TIX  
 Fri Feb 11 – Paris – La Machine (Locomotive club) – FREE SHOW    
 Mon Feb 14 – Amsterdam – Paradiso – BUY TIX  
 Tue Feb 15 – Berlin – White Trash – BUY TIX   
 Wed Feb 16 – Munich – Ampere – BUY TIX    
 Thu Feb 17 – Cologne – Luxor – BUY TIX   
 Fri Feb 18 – Paris – Fleche D’Or – BUY TIX       
 Mon Feb 21 – Amsterdam – Paradiso – BUY TIX
Tue Feb 22 – Berlin – White Trash – BUY TIX    
 Wed Feb 23 – Frankfurt – Das Bett – BUY TIX    
 Thu Feb 24 – Zurich – Hafenkneipe – BUY TIX
 Fri Feb 25 – Paris – Fleche D’Or – BUY TIX       
 Mon Feb 28 – Amsterdam – Paradiso – BUY TIX

We’ve got more big news to announce (including new tour dates) which we’ll do on February 15th.

Europe, what can we say? We’ve been pen-pals for so long. We’ve missed you.

Noah, Anna, Steven, Mikel, and Daren
the Airborne Toxic Event

8 thoughts on “New single “CHANGING” OUT TODAY in North America, European Tour starts TONIGHT in Berlin…

  1. Although buying “Changing” as a single doesn’t interest me at all the studio version “Losing” totally sweetens the deal. Thanks for being awesome. Your A-Side/B-Side idea is genious.

  2. Is there a physical copy of Changing out anywhere, or is it just digital? Either way, it’s fucking great, been listening non-stop on Youtube.

  3. Already have “Losing” from the deluxe edition of the first album from Zune, not iTunes :). Still will certainly pick this up as this band is putting out some of the most creative stuff going right now!

  4. Thanx again for the spectacular show yesterday, it was more than worth it to drive from Belgium to Amsterdam!
    With the weirdo dancing in front of the stage it was even more entertainment then whe expected 😉

    Keep up the lovely music and don’t forget us to spot next time: we’ll make a banner “GASOLINE FOR ANTWERP”, promise!!!

    The Antwerp-fanclub

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