NEWS: UK, French, US & Canadian Tour Dates Announced

The Airborne Toxic Event have announced UK, French, US & Canadian tour dates.  Tickets go on sale this weekend.  Click on SHOWS for more information.

21 thoughts on “NEWS: UK, French, US & Canadian Tour Dates Announced

  1. I see that seattle’s not on there either. I could drive down all the way to portland but it be much loved if you guys took a detour here instead! 😉

  2. I’m stoked you’re coming back to Cornwall and very brave coming here in January after November’s storms. I promise it doesn’t rain here all the time.

  3. Saw you guys live in NYC in the summer…changed my life!! Never thought you guys would make it up here to Ottawa…..SO STOKED!!! Actually, that’s an understatement! Honestly, you have no idea how many fans you have all over the world!

    Can’t wait til March 5th!!!! yay!

  4. YaYa!!!! coming to Tucson. I’ve basically fallen in love with you guys since KFMA’s Unsilent Night. You were awesome! Can’t wait to see you again. Who are you playing with?

  5. Heard “Sometime around midnight” on Colin Murray’s show on Radio 1. Fantastic! Went straight on line to find out more and have been telling everyone about you and am bringing a car full of friends to Glasgow to see you on the 30th of Jan. Woop woop! Fancy a drink with us afterwards?!

  6. It was heart-breaking when I went to buy tickets and it said, 19+…
    I’m really sad that you guys aren’t playing in anything other than adult clubs in Vancouver, B.C., cause I’m only 15.
    Well I guess there’s next year.. Or I’ll have to go on a
    Keep up the amazing, life-changing music you guys do.
    You guys ROCK.
    Heard you on AltNation Sirius Radio, then bought your CD from BestBuy and iTunes and havent stopped listening to you yet!

  7. Went to the Norwich gig last night, really feel like it was a “I was there” kind of gig. Tiny venue (250 capacity) but we have had Nirvana, Oasis, Coldplay all play there. I hope the band felt welcome, they sounded fantastic. The crowd were strangely older than i would have imagined.Good luck you lot,and thank you. Glastonbury ?

  8. I too, heard your songs on Sirius’ AltNation! I can’t wait for your show in D.C., as I’m also taking my special lady friend.

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