One Time Thing Acoustic Video

Every time we unplug and lay a song bare, it makes us think of it in a whole new way. This one, a favorite of ours off Dope Machines, is no exception. As part of our ongoing, one-take acoustic Bombastic series, here’s “One Time Thing“:

8 thoughts on “One Time Thing Acoustic Video

  1. I love this video as much as I love this song. I saw you guys at the 93.3 concert you are all amazing and your music is very inspirational and beautiful! Thanks for just being an amazing band and writing great music!

  2. To Airborne Toxic Event: On 03-01-16 my 6 year old grandchild AIDEN CHRISTIAN EVATT pass away. He love you music and was always singing or humming this one “The Wishing Song” for his memorial we made a video of him with your music as the song. Because he’s single dad was force to move from where AIDEN had lives for 5 years. Notifying family and friends throw Facebook we thought was the way we could reach all our family,I his grandma put the video on Facebook but was taken down with-in-minute .
    We,I ,the family are asking for your permission to upload Aidens video to Facebook in MEMORY of our child,grandchild. I will upload the video for your approval. If you agree to our request. Thank you for your time . I did not know how to contact you any other way I hope this request reaches you. Thank you Dora Evatt AIDENS grandma.

  3. Everyone of your bombastic videos makes me realize how much more I love your music. Thank you for bringing joy to my life.

  4. Love it, love it, love it!
    In fact I love all of the Bombastic songs.

    Since I first heard your music some years ago, TATE has quickly become one of my – if not THE – favorite bands. Saw you guys 3 times, in Belgium (twice) and in Germany.

    Love and greetings from The Netherlands!

  5. The nature of the music, travel, expression and deliverance of human emotion, an experience captured in the music and offered for us to hear/listen to/ make sense of the now we are in. To capture the sounds and vibrations revealing of a much higher nature and recreate them for others to hear and benefit. Truly God’s Blessing!!!

  6. Great Video … one big question … when do we get to see you again in germany .. I had the unbelievable chance to see you in nuermberg, germany … some years ago … we miss you here …

    cheers …


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