This is Nowhere

The eponymous first record was almost called This is Nowhere. In fact, that name remains on all of the final mixes before submitting them to iTunes. At the last minute, it was decided that our band name was long enough and we didn’t need any more verbiage crowding the cover. This song is about the characters in the short story The Crack.

One thought on “This is Nowhere

  1. This is actually my favorite song but have never heard it live (in LA) I was lucky once to meet Mikel, Daren and Steven in a beer garden in UCR, mikes asked what song I would like to hear. I said this is nowhere. He said it was too sad a song to play that day unfortunately. You’re the only band I feel truly connected to. I love all the ‘old’ amazing bands but they’re all old or dead, I will never see them live so it’s just so amazing to me to be able to have a band like you today. Someone who is truly an artist. I’m a nostalgic melancholic person and your music just sings to my soul. So thank you.

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