Monthly Archives: March 2013

Tour Starts Tomorrow…

Tomorrow, we commence our first official tour for the new album, beginning with two sold-out shows in San Diego. It’s times like these that we like to take a moment to sleep in beds and eat with actual silverware before these things become distant memories.. Denver and Boulder are also sold out, with Seattle, Boston, Portland, Vancouver, and D.C. going soon, so get your tickets soon. You can find all our dates with links HERE. We can’t wait to see you in the thick of it.


Exclusive Live Acoustic Video – “Timeless”

For each album release, it’s become sort of a tradition for us to record live, one-take acoustic videos as alternate versions of the songs on the record. Yes, there’s something to with deconstructing these meticulously recorded songs to hear them laid bare, but really it’s just fun to hear people play music in a room—or a moving car, or a boat, or a church. Or a bus.. Anyway, it’s an ongoing series we’ve been calling the “Bombastic.”

We’re proud to present our latest acoustic video for “Timeless,” featuring our very close friends, the Calder Quartet. You can read more about it at Artist Direct.