The Tonight Show with the Calder Quartet

9 Responses to “The Tonight Show with the Calder Quartet”

  1. Amazing performance. I love how it’s just Mikel at the beginning and then the rest of the band and the Calder come in. Fantastic!

    I love when the Calders play with you all; I just wish they had a bigger part in this song.

  2. BRAVO! Thank you ATE for keeping up the music. True fans waiting for you to drop into Grass Valley one of these nights between Reno and Sacramento.

  3. Once again, a magical performance. Loved seeing you with the Calder Quartet again. Steven’s guitar skills are amazing and love him in this song.

  4. When did Anna go blonde?

  5. Awesome performance! I love the song “Timeless”. Beautifully done!

  6. A powerful vocal that takes me to the present. A time warp back to surreal 1970. Can we bring back the creative edge of the story and voice. Great Job!

  7. Can’t wait to hear rest of album. Definitely wet the appetite!!!

  8. This is the best song ever ever that me and my mom mary have shared. With cancer it gives me and her hope. We love how timeless starts with Mikel than the whole band. We pray to see live and meet them. The best performance we ever have seen. Love Shania and Mary mother

  9. We cryed tears of joy to see our reply on this sight. Me and my mom with the cancer and bone disease have less then a year to live. We saw timeless and it gave us hope to not give up we are touched so much by this performance and song by airbourne toxic. We have one wish before we die one wish to meet Mikel and the band and tell them they are so so special their song made us continue fighting the cancer. We live in southern california not far from costa mesa calif. Where they will play 23august. Can anyone help us be able to make a last wish come true it touched us that much “timeless”. We pleade ask please help us make this dream happen to tell Mikel and the band what and how they touched our hearts. We had problems with our email of my husbands is our phones 909 835 2243 or 909 835 2245 or 909 532 0627 Shania And husband and mom

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