“Timeless” Single Available Now

The Airborne Toxic Event - Timeless


12 Responses to ““Timeless” Single Available Now”

  1. its great-loving it also loving the last album…so brilliant!

  2. When will it be available in the UK?

  3. Do we know when the whole album will go on sale?

  4. Im long time fan from UK & cant even preview the song anywhere even itunes US.

  5. Airborne seems bigger in the UK, and it will be out some time in April or May….

  6. “it will be out some time in April or May…”

    Really, 3 – 4 months? This Regions stuff sucks. I was hoping to be familier with the new album before 28 Feb; Nothing like a sing along…

    Any chance you can repost on here?

  7. boo-hoo! when will it be available in germany?

  8. Heard Timeless for the first time yesterday. Then played it 3 more times in the span of an hour. Like all great songs, it sounded better each time. We have tix to see Airborne at Koko. Great venue. Can’t wait and can’t wait for Such Hot Blood to come out. See you guys next month (unless I’m in trial)

    NC Jeff

  9. splendid! heard it on Woodstock Radio this morning — had to pull over and download it from iTunes immediately!

  10. The first time heard Airborne was Sometime around midnight. The exact scenario he sung about had literally just happen. The actual time was around 11:30.

    The second album dropped on the day before my birthday, here’s hoping for a follow up.

    Everything about this band is pure magic. Keep it up!

    Love, Philadelphian TATE fan.

  11. When will this be available in the UK. I am having to listen to it on youtube. Sounds great!! get the UK tour dates set and i will be there!

  12. Catcher in the Rye allusion?

    i see how they run through the tall grass
    with such thoughtless minds
    i wish that I was thoughtless too
    what is this hole in my heart
    that I cannot abide
    I just want you to stay
    with me tonight

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