Exclusive Live Acoustic Video – “Timeless”

For each album release, it’s become sort of a tradition for us to record live, one-take acoustic videos as alternate versions of the songs on the record. Yes, there’s something to with deconstructing these meticulously recorded songs to hear them laid bare, but really it’s just fun to hear people play music in a room—or a moving car, or a boat, or a church. Or a bus.. Anyway, it’s an ongoing series we’ve been calling the “Bombastic.”

We’re proud to present our latest acoustic video for “Timeless,” featuring our very close friends, the Calder Quartet. You can read more about it at Artist Direct.


9 thoughts on “Exclusive Live Acoustic Video – “Timeless”

  1. yessss! ooh, you guys are so fly, i got goosebumps watching and hearing this. i’ve missed you, and i can’t wait to see the rest. gorgeous as always.

    thank you SO much for sharing all your wonderful talents.

  2. I love bombastic videos. Its more raw and more emotional. I almost cried. Very beautiful version of the song. You guys are great keep it up. I am proud to to call you my ALL TIME FAVORITE BAND!!

  3. How do we buy these? They are awesome and would love to have them to listen to. Please make them available for download!!!

  4. To the band (if they ever read these comments),

    My father died suddenly 2 weeks ago at a rather young age. I bought him the first TATE album for his birthday in December and it was the cd in his car when he passed away. I was very close to singing the chorus of “Timeless” when I spoke during his memorial service. The song had only been out for a short period, but Mikel’s words had already impacted me. I feared that I would completely break down during the speech so I did not attempt to sing during my part of the eulogy. Thank you for everything that you do! This band is saving rock and roll. I can’t wait to see you guys in Atlanta on May 5th. I’ll be in the front row and singing every word, as always


  5. Amazing, as always. I love the inclusion of the Claders; they bring so much to your guys’ already impressive sound.

    One question: Are we ever going to see this (as well as the official Timeless video) on iTunes? I would love to have this version to listen to as well as the usual recording!

  6. Thanks guys for Bombastic!!!!!!!!!!!! I must say personally you guys have never sounded better and bombastic really shows your real talents musically. The emotions are so raw, and the music much richer – thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. My husband and I recently went to a show to see you at the 104.5 Birthday Bash. Your performance was amazing. I was so disappointed though because we bought pit seating tix at the extra cost to be able to be up and close to see your show specifically. I am a former lung cancer survivor and Mikell’s story is close to my heart, as I was diagnosed and treated at the age of 23. Your music has been an inspiration to me and motivated me to finish my first 5k race last summer. There was a time in my life where I could not even walk around my neighborhood block without struggling. Your music is amazing and we looked really forward to having such great seats at your show. When we got there, they told us that the pit was filled up because the venue had changed it to open seating until 5pm (which they did not advertise) and we were not able to take advantage of the tickets we purchased. I know it’s not your fault that it happened this way, just a huge disappointment to not get to experience the band as close as we hoped and paid for. The show was still amazing from what I could see though. Maybe next time.

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