The Fifth Day

I wrote this song in a 5 day sleepwalk. I stayed up all night on the first one, watching the sun rise over Los Angeles, grabbing a guitar and just twanging out some chords. It became a snowball with strings and weird piano sounds, growing by day 5 into this symphony of voices and trumpets, whistling, screaming.. I guess I thought of the last section as the underbelly, the dream state of the song which preceded it. As if the narrator tells his neatlly-wrapped story, turns off the light and proceeds to fall headlong into a cacophonous, almost childlike awe at the devastation he’s witnessed.

2 thoughts on “The Fifth Day

  1. I weep openly every time I listen to this song. So many days turning to nights turning to an endless chain of WTF happened?
    “I watch he sunrise on the city where I was born.”
    “I could call you now, it wouldn’t matter what I said. Words just aren’t enough.”
    “It’s your choices that make you a man”
    ” I wish I could scream myself away”.

    Uncontrollable tears. Silly. I’m going to get electrocuted. Death by gushing blog comment.

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