Detroit and Columbus Pre-Sale Tix (w/Minus the Bear) on sale TODAY

Good morning,

The days feel different and strangely vivid when you’ve slept a bit and can recite the name of the city you’re in without pausing to think. Los Angeles. Yes, we’ve been home for a small while and writing big new songs—a third album in the works, possibly.. More on that in the months to come.

In the meantime, we have some shows to announce. Two of them, with MInus the Bear on July 14 and 15—in Detroit and Columbus (respectively)—are on sale TODAY.

Sat Jul 14 – Detroit, MI – The Fillmore Detroit (w/ Minus the Bear) – PRE-SALE TIX

Sun Jul 15 – Columbus, OH – The LC Indoor Pavilion (w/ Minus the Bear) – PRE-SALE TIX

We haven’t seen many of you in a while. This will change. Here are some places we’ll be..

Upcoming Shows:

Sat May 12 – Washington, DC – DC101 Chili Cook Off Radio Show – BUY TIX
Fri Jul 13 – Cincinnati, OH – Sawyer Point Park – Bunbury Festival – BUY TIX
Sat Jul 14 – Detroit, MI – The Fillmore Detroit (w/ Minus the Bear) – PRE-SALE TIX
Sun Jul 15 – Columbus, OH – The LC Indoor Pavilion (w/ Minus the Bear) – PRE-SALE TIX
Fri Jul 20 – Las Vegas, NV – Hard Rock Pool – BUY TIX
Sun Aug 5 – Montreal, QB – Osheaga Festival – BUY TIX
Sun Aug 26 – Squamish, BC – Squamish Festival – BUY TIX

24 Responses to “Detroit and Columbus Pre-Sale Tix (w/Minus the Bear) on sale TODAY”

  1. Please come to upstate NY. We miss you so much!!

  2. Come to san Antonio TX or to Austin again I will drive up to see ya again

  3. Any chance you’ll make it to the Buffalo area anytime soon?
    I so need to see you play live!

  4. Please come to Daytona Beach, Fl I orlando… I saw you in Anchorage Alasja and would love to see you again!

  5. Detroit Pre-Sale sold out in < 12 hrs. You feeling the love?

  6. Boston, Boston, Boston please?!?!?

  7. When are you guys going to be out touring again? I must really see you guys again soon in Phoenix. I know you guys were just out here, but I just can’t get enough. :)

  8. please tell me you’re coming back to see me in Denver soon!!!!!
    PLEEEASSSEEE!!!! I have been listening to your music nonstop and i need my Airborne fix!!! :D

  9. Don’t forget CHICAGO!!!

  10. Welcome back to Detroit. Can’t wait to see you again. You guys are AWESOME!

  11. Please come to Buffalo, NY sometime!

  12. please, please, please, please come to london. really wanna see you guys again but cant get to a single gig in the states :P

  13. Buffalo, Rochester, Albany, Binghamton — any of these will do! I need my live Airborne fix this summer.

  14. I have never left a message for a band before in my life. I would love it if you would visit/sing anywhere in the southeast. I love long drives! The first time I have ever heard of Airborne Toxic Event was on the Jay Leno show. Immediately after the show, I googled you…became hooked. I have been addicted ever since. Your lyrical beauty, intense passionate sound, and intellectual painful understanding of love and the resulting complications thereof, have connected with my soul and spirit. I feel a fool for admitting this. Your talent has surpassed my expectations. I just wanted you all to know how much you have touched my innermost being with your creativity and candid expressions and experiences of the heart.

  15. come back to tucson. please.


  17. Oh, goood morning to you, too :D

  18. Pure emotion in your music. Please come to CT or somewhere close like MA, RI, and NY.

  19. Please come back to Philly — your hissers miss you terribly!

  20. Saw my first Airborne show at Summerfest in Milwaukee a couple of years ago and have been spreading the word never since. Would love to see you swing through Milwaukee again … fingers crossed. You guys are amazing!!!!

  21. Please, please come to the midwest, like IOWA!!!


  23. Any chance of visiting Australia next year ?

  24. Come back to Portland, Oregon!!!!!!!! You rocked that show last year!

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