European/U.K. Release of SUCH HOT BLOOD

We’re also very pleased to announce the release of Such Hot Blood in Mainland Europe TODAY and in the U.K. on Monday, September 30th.

This special international edition of our album includes two bonus tracks: “Dublin” and “The Way Home.” Thank you so much for waiting. We can’t wait to get across the pond next month.

Such Hot Blood UK

Get the album in mainland Europe here:

Get the album in the U.K. here (9/30; available for pre-order NOW):

3 Responses to “European/U.K. Release of SUCH HOT BLOOD”

  1. Any reason why the UK are order is double the price of other European countries on Amazon? The equivalent of $38 seems a bit much. Still worth it though!

  2. So when do the rest of us get b sides?? They tend to be my favorite parts of your albums :)

  3. Will the bonus tracks be available in the States?

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