11 thoughts on “Last Week of Rehearsals…

  1. Nashville! Any guest artists helping out on the record? Maybe Jack White? Keith Urban? Donna and I live in TN now. Love the lakes and mountains and especially the people. Good luck!

  2. just came over to look at tour dates and saw this. wonderful news, as All I Ever Wanted has worn a groove on my iPod. looking forward to new stuff!

  3. I wish you all had toured MORE to support the last album. For as great as your studio work is, and it’s great, your live shows are amazing… please play Hartford, CT again!! Thanks for bringing back great rock and roll….

  4. Well, little dawlins’…

    Welcome to music city. Please don’t make fun of the naked people statue on the Row… I know, I know… We’re just a bunch hillbillies you know…what the heck do we know about makin’ art. We make music in this town and we love y’all. Enjoy your time. Be sure to catch a show or two at the Station Inn…BBQ at Judge Beans…Redneck Tacos at Martins in Nolensville…

    Miss Kelli

  5. wasn’t it in Nashvill you got in trouble (.. and the law won)? not sure if i should wish you luck to avoid all that, or if that is the fun part!

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