Meet Adrian


Due to unforeseen, last-minute circumstances, our temporary Noah replacement, Ashley Dzerigian, will be unable to join us for this tour.

To fill in on bass, we’ve gone and recruited our buddy Adrian Rodriguez to step up to the task. He’s a quick study, monster bassist, and more-than-capable late-night drinking partner. We’ve hazed him and now welcome him proudly to our wolf pack.

9 Responses to “Meet Adrian”

  1. Good luck with this pack of kooks! Love you guys!

  2. Gladly be seeing all of you on the 10th! So excited!

  3. […] circumstances, Ashley will be unable to join Airborne on this brief February tour, so their buddy Adrian Rodriguez will be joining them instead. Adrian performs live with L.A. artist Hanni El […]

  4. Hope everything is ok. You guys gonna play in providence??

  5. Adrian,

    Meet you at Basilica (the dude that got you a brew) I wanna propose to my girl Tanya at the October show in Minneapolis.

    How can make this happen?


  6. Dude you rock on bass. And good choice drinking yuengling

  7. See you twice now, Adrian. You got the chops, my friend. Have them give you a microphone, would ya? You kicked the other night in Sacramento. Thanks for keeping it together.

  8. Saw you guys At the Greek and at the Hard Rock in Vegas. Adrian is one bass assss!!! Your guys sound great.

  9. […] Feb. 5: The Airborne Toxic Event announces that Ashley will not be able to continue with the band due to unforeseen circumstances, and will be replaced for the upcoming tour by Adrian Rodriguez […]

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