In these calm moments before the storm, we remember how things were, thinking how they’ve changed.. Soon, we’ll be out there in the world, scattered among you. For now, this is our song “Safe.”


9 Responses to “NEW SONG PREMIERE: “Safe””

  1. You rocks!

  2. Love love love it! Looking forward to the 11th!

  3. This is the bomb! Keep it up guys! See you in England.

  4. Thank you!!!!!!! Can’t wait until 11th! Anna sounds fabulous! See you March 31 AND April 1!!

  5. I cannot wait until the 11th! Love the new music! We’ll see you in Denver at the Ogden!

  6. I’m having a day, as they say. 2 good things already happened to me, and now this. Oh, and I got french fries for lunch…so, four, I guess.

  7. Another great song. Can’t wait for the album. See you in Visalia…..

  8. Please, please, please give us Bombastic versions of the album!

  9. Such a beautiful song…can’t wait for the Colorado shows!

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