New Tour Dates On Sale Tomorrow 10 AM

We’re very excited to announce that the new album is done and will be released in the spring. It’s been strange being away. We’ve missed you. We’ve missed that feeling of jumping off an amp, narrowly avoiding a puddle of beer, and then realizing as we hit the ground that we are not in fact in Detroit, but Minneapolis. Here are several shows that will bring us closer together. More to come. Obviously..

Photo Credit: Erica Bruce

Pre-Sale tickets go on sale TOMORROW, December 12th, at 10:00 a.m. (local time). Links will be live then. The rest go on sale this weekend (see below for details).

Wed Jan 23 – Los Angeles, CA – Mayan – PRE-SALE TIX (Wed 12/12 @ 10am)
GENERAL TICKETS (Fri 12/14 @ 10am)
Sat Mar 30 – San Diego, CA – House of Blues – PRE-SALE TIX (Wed 12/12 @ 10am)
GENERAL TICKETS (Fri 12/14 @ 10am)
Mon Apr 1 – Tempe, AZ – Marquee Theater – PRE-SALE TIX (Wed 12/12 @ 10am)
GENERAL TICKETS (Fri 12/14 @ 10am)
Wed Apr 3 – Boulder, CO – Fox Theater – PRE-SALE TIX (Wed 12/12 @ 10am)
GENERAL TICKETS (Fri 12/14 @ 12pm)
Thu Apr 4 – Denver, CO – Ogden – PRE-SALE TIX (Wed 12/12 @ 10am)
GENERAL TICKETS (Sat 12/15 @ 10am)
Fri Apr 5 – Salt Lake City, UT – The Depot – PRE-SALE TIX (Wed 12/12 @ 10am)
GENERAL TICKETS (Fri 12/14 @ 10am)
Sun Apr 7 – Portland, OR – Crystal Ballroom – PRE-SALE TIX (Wed 12/12 @ 10am)
GENERAL TICKETS (Fri 12/14 @ 12pm)
Mon Apr 8 – Seattle, WA – Showbox Market – PRE-SALE TIX (Wed 12/12 @ 10am)
GENERAL TICKETS (Fri 12/14 @ 12pm)
Tue Apr 9 – Vancouver, BC -Vogue Theater – PRE-SALE TIX (Wed 12/12 @ 10am)
GENERAL TICKETS (Thu 12/20 @10am)
Thu Apr 11 – San Francisco, CA – Warfield – PRE-SALE TIX (Wed 12/12 @ 10am)
GENERAL TICKETS (Fri 12/14 @ 10am)

  • Pre-Sale Tickets are will-call only and non-transferable.
  • Proper ID must be shown to acquire Tickets on the night of the show.
  • A $4.99 handling & processing fee per order will be applied as a “shipping” charge.
  • Handling/Processing/Shipping fee is applied per total order—not per item.

56 Responses to “New Tour Dates On Sale Tomorrow 10 AM”

  1. Please please please come to Monterrey, Mexico!


  3. NOOOO BOSTON! OR PROVIDENCE, RI (preferably Providence) ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MINDS?????????!?!?!?!??!?! NOOOOO!O!O!O!O!

  4. Will you guys be coming to Alaska anytime soon?

  5. Please, please, please come to Pittsburgh

  6. Thanks for the photo post/credit folks! Hope everyone is well!

  7. Come to the east coast! Virginia Beach!!!!!!!!

  8. COLORADO! YES! I am so excited!

  9. Any uk dates?

  10. butbutbut… why not toronto :'( you guys are my favourite aghh D: super excited for the new album but .. :( still

  11. Come back to DC already!

  12. We would love to see you come to Anchorage, Alaska during this tour. Can’t wait for the new album! Love you guys!

  13. Complete excitement!!!!! :-D can’t wait to see u guys in January in NYC!!!!!!

  14. Please come to Syracuse, Rochester, somewhere in upstate NYS!! We’ve been following you since your first release….


  16. Please come to Baltimore!!!

  17. Detroit!? <3

  18. Been waiting for a return to SF since last December when I first saw them, soooooooo excited

  19. Oh nooooo, feeling snubbed in Boston/Providence! We love you, we swear, how can we win you back??

  20. montreal pleeeeeaaaasssseeeee

  21. Seconding Prov/Boston. Or even Pawtucket again

  22. Please come to Anchorage, Alaska if at all possible. We would absolutely love to have you.

  23. Come to Birmingham, al. We are better than Georgia, you probably won’t be busted here.

  24. so honoured that you picked vancouver canada again…we are soooo lucky! :)

  25. So excited – you are a great band, original, amazing musicians, lyrics that blow my mind, love love love

  26. You’re so fantatic, wanna see you in Germany!

  27. :( No Toronto Canada show?

    I has a sad.

  28. Pittsburgh…!

  29. Something wrong with my computer, I can´t see Buenos Aires, Argentina on those dates….

  30. Fargo Please and Minneapolis right before or after. Love you guys!!

  31. I’m so excited for the new album I don’t even care that you aren’t coming near Toronto. Well, that’s not true. I care. But it softens the blow.

  32. Hope there will be some shows in the Southeast especially one in Nashville.

  33. Just preordered my tickets for the Seattle show. After 3 years of waiting, I FINALLY get to see you guys live! :D

  34. Why is the website not showing tickets to the San Diego show for sale??

  35. Any UK dates? Preferably Manchester?

  36. Kansas City?

  37. A little birdie told me you’ll be visiting Tampa on 10/10. Now, I can check that off the wish list and tell Mr. Klaus to bring me vinyls instead. See you then…

  38. Is something wrong with the link??? I can’t purchase pre-sales tickets for the Mayan 1/23 show in Los Angeles???

  39. C’mon Midwest tour dates! I’m talking MN in the Duluth region ;) but really if there’s a show anywhere near MN I’m there! <3

  40. Please come and visit us in Maritime Canada!( New Brunswick). We love you!

  41. When are you coming to Toronto Canada. Waiting patiently

  42. I’m fifthing the motion for Boston/Providence. I’ll make you oreo-filled chocolate chip cookies if you do!

  43. Come to Saint Louis!

  44. Please please please come back to Dallas Tx.
    Seriously, I’m having withdrawal from you awesome artist/people!!!

  45. Looking forward to the new album, a definite buy!
    I continue to hope that you guys will come and play in Sweden someday!

  46. I have my tickets for San Diego! Looking forward to hearing new songs, plus all the old ones!

  47. You’re probably not going to come to Ireland (who does?) but i am soooo excited for this album i can hardly wait, cuz i am the biggest TATE fan who is Irish, and that rocks!

  48. I will see at one or possibly both colorado shows. Likely both. You guys should play your new album — from start to finish. I can’t wait to buy a copy

  49. You guys have the hottest, classiest women at your shows. Please come more often

  50. Toronto please Kool Hause

  51. Milwaukee next time you’re swingin’ by the midwest pleaase!

  52. :'( no anchorage AK?¿??????? No bueno


  54. Please come to Baltimore or D.C. for a concert again for your new album!!! You were amazing at RamsHead last year, and I’d love to see you guys again–and I bet many people would agree!

  55. “New Tour Dates On Sale Tomorrow 10 AM | The Airborne Toxic Event” ended up being a incredibly nice blog post, .
    Continue authoring and I am going to keep
    reading! Many thanks ,Johnnie

  56. Can’t believe I missed Airborne Toxic Event at the Susquehanna today. There were other good bands but I really wanted to see them. I wasn’t feeling well and realized that by the time I left I’d miss them. I hope I get to see them again. Maybe they’ll come somewhere near me. I like the song Timeless. Just one of those days when you can’t get out of the house. I could kick myself. Oh well no one wants to hear me wine. Thank you Airborne for the song Timeless. Love, Donna

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