NEWS: #1 on Billboard’s New Artist Chart

The Airborne Toxic Event’s debut ablum has reached #1 on Billboard’s Heatseeker Chart.

9 thoughts on “NEWS: #1 on Billboard’s New Artist Chart

  1. WOOT! I have never been so in love with an album/music in my life until The Airborne Toxic Event. It’s been on nonstop in my ipod since Feb. My five year daughter loves it too.

    Thank you


  2. I was yesterday night in Paris to see them
    Only one comment : Wonderful !!!

    Very energic & poetic band.
    I join isabel’s comments. It’s been on nonstop in my ipod since several month. My five years son, my eight years daughter and 12 years son and wife love this band too.

    Message to the attn of Airborne Toxic Event :
    Please come back to France and please give us more dates instead of having only one night.
    good tour

  3. You guys are so awesome..i am truly in love
    seen you guys only twice hope to see you again.
    congrats on #1 Heatseekers

  4. I love every song on this album. Sheer genius. And the coolest thing about it is, everyone I play it for falls in love with it too! Everyone. Regardless of their general music preferences. Amazing lyrics, passionate vocals, upbeat riffs. It has it all. So great to see a band just as they are taking off, and this one is destined for greatness. Looking forward to the sequel, and come back to NY!!!

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