SUCH HOT BLOOD Out April 30th

Almost two years ago to the day, we released our second album. Since then it’s been a blistering rush from city to city (and the occasional field)—everything swallowed in a gargantuan wash of lights, sounds, and people. You never can tell what it’ll be like until you’re in it, and when you are it’s hard to describe. Anyway, we love it. And somewhere in there, we wrote and recorded our third album, Such Hot Blood. We love that, too. It’s coming out on April 30th. We honestly can’t wait for you to hear it.

Pre-Ordering Options:

  • If you pre-order the physical album on our website, you’ll be able to download a non-EP album track, “The Fifth Day,” immediately upon ordering. (Note: There is a $4.99 shipping charge, which applies to your total order—not per item.)
  • If you pre-order the physical album at one of our shows, you’ll get a free copy ofThe Secret EP at the show.
  • All pre-orders will be delivered by April 30th. (International shipping will take longer.)


1. The Secret
2. Timeless
3. What’s in a Name?
4. The Storm
5. Safe
6. Bride & Groom
7. True Love
8. This is London
9. The Fifth Day
10. Elizabeth

24 thoughts on “SUCH HOT BLOOD Out April 30th

  1. Almost two years ago to the date, you released your last album and not once in that entire span of time have you played Pittsburgh. I’ve driven to see you in Philadelphia, Cleveland and Columbus(Twice). What’s it going to take to get you guys to come here. Please, please, please come to Pittsburgh.


  2. Saw you two years ago in Milwaukee at Summerfest. It was my birthday present. Heard that you will be coming back this year and I am so excited. Going to see you guys will be my birthday wish this year again.

  3. Stu is right! Please come to Pittsburgh. I’ve also driven to Philly and Columbus to see you, but it’d be so much better if you just came to Pittsburgh!

  4. Can’t wait for the new album. The Secret EP is phenomenal. You guys don’t disappoint; the music is just as awesome as the first album. Thanks. See you guys in Toronto.

  5. I have been loving The Secret EP several dozen times since the very start of the day that you released it. But I am SO disappointed that the bonus material you just announced doesn’t include the hard version of “The Kids Are Ready to Die”. That snippet in your Airport video has been tantalizing me for years.

    A while ago you sort of hinted at this being available soon. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make it a bonus for iTunes or Amazon purchase. I’ll by 20 copies of your album if that’s the entry price.

    I can’t wait to see you in SF in less than 24 hours. I need a time machine. It’s the last 24 that are the toughest.

  6. TATE, why do you continually annoy and frustrate me?

    Like the USA, people in Europe have been waiting to hear from you for 2 years. Firstly, you don’t release the singles anywhere but USA and the same with the EP. Now you say the album will be available with international shipping but you can only get the EP if you go to one of the shows. Why? Why can’t we order this for international shipping too? This is hardly fair for people in other countries or people who can’t get to the shows. Do you intend to keep some back for when you actually decide to travel outwith your own country?

    I posted a bit of a rant on your web-site as I feel you are really letting down a lot of your long term fans who have helped get you where you are today and this didn’t get published. What happened to free speech?

  7. Cd…? Vinyl…? What year is this… 1989? 😉

    Give us a worldwide release for download! iTunes, Spotify…

    CD…. haha!

  8. @Stu and @K – nobody wants to go to Pittsburgh, that’s why you were so eager to leave town to see TATE play elsewhere. Just kidding…peace!

  9. Connie…. I have noticed that vinyl having a kind av revival among certain people. And thats fine. I guess. Personally I would never buy vinyl unless its a collectors item or something. Beu hey, thats just me 🙂

    Here in Sweden record stores are long gone and we do just fine. Why go buy a CD when you can download it from iTunes, Spotify or whatever…?

    And for the record… TATE, you rock! Can’t wait to listen to the new album! Love the three new songs I have heard! To bad I acctually couldn’t buy them legally. But as soon as the album is released I am buying it!

  10. Magnus, maybe you’re born on the mp3 era and that’s fine, me, i was born when there was cassette, and my love for the music was always supported by a cassette, cd, or vinyl, i buy vinyl or cd for the artist that i love and support, and i will continue to do it in the future, i personally not against spotify etc, just not my thing for listening to the music! i will never buy something on itunes, 9,99 for having nothing? not a cover, not lyrics, just some random files? no way!

  11. The Airborne Toxic Event has been my FAVORITE group of musicians for about 2.5 years. I see you guys next week in Mpls. (stoked!) Jo- I couldn’t agree more, I would much rather have a physical piece of memorabilia in my hands rather than a random meaningless file, well put. I shop at record stores, absolutely I’m all about supporting the very talented artists out there. The one I go to has a huge section for artists that are local to where I live. So if not for these record stores promoting their music, how would these up-and-comings get their music out there? Some of these artists aren’t big and have it in with iTunes… they’re just beginning their ride….

  12. Magnus, just a quick response. Record stores are certainly not “long gone”. I live in Stockholm and there are lots of record stores here, which I’m so happy about. I love having a physical copy of something I like because it makes it more real and personal. Flipping through the booklet, reading the lyrics, decorating my walls with Airborne vinyl’s the collector in me. Can’t wait for the new album!

  13. Heard you guys for the first time 2 years ago during a summer in California. Have been obsessed ever since. I wonder how long I’ll have to wait before a copy reaches me in South Africa? I cant wait much longer!!

  14. You guys are my FAVOURITE band. I love you so much, your music is amazing and you guys are so unbelievably talented. the thought of you actually reading this comment makes me want to cry :’) Please PLEASE come to Australia one day!! Honestly I am so jealous of everyone who lives in California because they get to see you live!! I hate living in Australia because I’m so far away from all my favourite bands. Seeing you guys live would be the best day of my life.

  15. @Elias, you’re lucky that you live in Stockholm!
    Because if you live in a small town in Sweden like me a record store (sadly) won’t last long.
    So i have to order all my cd’s online.

    Hope to see you guys in Sweden someday 🙂

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