“The Secret” EP Out March 11 (US)

Okay, so we couldn’t wait. In advance of our new full-length record, Such Hot Blood, we’re very excited to be releasing a special four-song EP called The Secret, on March 11th, featuring our single “Timeless” and three other brand-new songs from the upcoming album.

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 11.17.10 AM

  • Note: Don’t worry about paying extra for anything you already own. iTunes will just charge the difference. (i.e. Whether you get the EP and already own “Timeless,” or complete the full album upon release—you’ll pay only for the add-ons.)

15 thoughts on ““The Secret” EP Out March 11 (US)

  1. Yay ! love the song, so excited. Seen them twice in concert. Their first time blew me away, still the best concert I’ve been to.

  2. Please please come to Europe after London, don’t matter when and where, I’ll be there. 27th October 2011 Berlin, what a helluva concert, I’ll never forget it.

  3. March 11th cannot come SOON enough!!! I LOVE “Timeless”!!!! I’ll be seeing you in Toronto AND Detroit soon! WOO HOO!!!!!

  4. You really need to give us a better chance of seeing you. I am bit gutted you could not do more gigs in the UK – are you back for the summer festivals?

  5. Have tickets for Portland show can’t wait! Seen them on Halloween night 2010; great concert! A true band where all parts compliment each other and create magic!! Turned girlfriend onto them(or they turned her onto me!) we will both be there to experience what I think is the greatest sounding and unique band playing today.

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