UK: “Sometime Around Midnight” Single In Stores TODAY

The Airborne Toxic Event’s single “Sometime Around Midnight,” is in stores today.  The single is available digitally on iTunes and Amazon.  Cd singles are available at HMV and all Independent Record Shops.  B-Sides include a live version of “Innocence” featuring the Calder Quartet as well as an iTunes exclusive acoustic version of “Sometime Around Midnight.”

6 thoughts on “UK: “Sometime Around Midnight” Single In Stores TODAY

  1. I live in England and had the album on pre-order, it arrived today and I can’t stop playing it, incredible! Just so sad I can’t get tix for the Manchester gig as they are all sold out, devastated!

  2. Great single guys. I’ve been listening since I first found your music on a blog back in Nov, and I’ve been desperately waiting for more.

  3. Hey i saw u play on David Letterman, and wanted to get ur song on itunes. But iTunes Australia doesn’t sell it. And i can’t buy it off iTunes Uk or America. Can u help me out?

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