“The Kids Are Ready to Die” – The Bombastic (Week 6)

“The Bombastic” is a weekly series of one-shot, one-take acoustic performances by the Airborne Toxic Event. It will feature every song from the band’s new album “All At Once” (available April 26). Week 6, “The Kids Are Ready to Die,” was performed in a stairwell in Los Angeles. Directed by Jon Danovic.

4 Responses to ““The Kids Are Ready to Die” – The Bombastic (Week 6)”

  1. pleeease tell me where you guys are filmin the next one

  2. *sigh* this just might be my favourite of the new album.

    Thank you for the beautiful music and lyrics…can’t wait until your Montreal date!

  3. What an awesome song.

  4. This is one of my favorite songs & I like this soulful version. Can you please, please also release the punk version? Maybe on a future album? The only place I can find it is on YouTube…

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